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  • Help more people browse, buy and access your online content or services online
  • Make your online content easily accessible to people with dyslexia, reading difficulties, visual impairments and those for whom English is a second language
  • Allow users to consume your web content in a way that suits them best
  • Comply with current legal obligations for website accessibility

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Browsealoud Toolbar

Browsealoud features

  • Hover to speak Icon

    Hover to speak

    Reads any text out loud (when you hover over it)

    Reinforces understanding, increases focus and improves retention.

  • Play Icon


    Reads text out loud (when you select a specific page/paragraph)

    Gives the user full control over what text they’d like to read aloud.

  • Translate Icon


    Translates text into 99 different languages

    Read and listen to the web page in your preferred language to help with understanding and navigation.

  • Picture Dictionary Icon

    Picture dictionary

    Displays word meaning through illustration

    Removes barriers that make reading and hearing text difficult by providing an alternative, picture, format.

  • MP3 Icon

    MP3 maker

    Converts online content into audio

    For those who prefer to listen than read. It’s also perfect for listening to and sharing lengthy web or PDF content offline.

  • Screenmask Icon

    Screen mask

    Focus on reading one passage at a time

    Helps reduce screen glare and increase focus. Also benefits people with light sensitivity and cognitive load difficulties.

  • Text Magnifier Icon

    Text magnifier

    Magnifies text and reads it out loud

    Increases the accessibility of even the smallest web text and especially helps people with low vision.

  • Simplify Icon

    Webpage simplifier

    Creates a simplified view of a webpage

    Helps to increase understanding and processing of web content.

Browsealoud browser toolbar

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